Hi, I'm Pat Alacqua!

 “Ideas without the disciplined thinking needed to implement them put you on a road to nowhere".


Clarify your desired outcomes…

Chart your course, and...

CoAlign your team so everyone is on the same page. 


You're then on your way to the results you've imagined.”

As an Entrepreneur and Operating Executive with more than 40 years of success, I have built my career on the ability to leverage extensive experience in operational leadership and business building for customer-centric organizations, including event and tradeshow management, youth sports, healthcare technology and more.


Every business transitions through 5 growth phases: from idea, to entrepreneur, to start-up, to a proven business and ultimately to a sustainable and successful enterprise. 

I call this the Entrepreneur To Enterprise Pathway.


  •  startups
  • strategy and next level growth
  • market positioning
  • turnaround
  • team leadership
  • big-picture vision
  • details analysis
  • business development
  • long-term goal setting
  • implementation strategy
  • opportunity identification
  • problem-solving
  • expert topic online strategy and content development
  • executive coaching
  • strategic partnerships
  • project management
  • team collaboration
  • process development


WHY I Do What I Do


The E-to-E Foundation


I create a collaborative approach that is the best, most efficient path from ideas to implementation to outcomes. The foundation for this approach is ……

Asking the right questions to efficiently extract the knowledge of others. I don't have to be the smartest person in the room with all the answers. Clarifying the challenge and desired outcome/s while creating a plan and path for efficient implementation.

Creating a learning environment leading to alignment. A collaborative approach for working with others enabling everyone’s knowledge GAPS to close more quickly. This leads to faster alignment for “what” to do and “how to” do it for any big challenge.

Increase the bandwidth of internal resources to successfully implement a project or initiative on time and within budget. 

My journey includes opportunities such as ...


  • Start-Ups
  • Acquisition-turnaround of a local small business and transformed to a national brand
  • Online knowledge based learning product development
  • New concept "Go No-Go Pilot" model creation and implementation for "non-profit" and "for profit" organizations
  • Numerous coaching and advisory situations at different stages of the business building journey
  • Interim executive roles when companies didn't have the internal bandwidth of skills and experiences needed to fill a GAP for a period of time
  • and the list goes on. 

Harness The Power of Insight from Experts Who've Been There

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