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Programs designed to fit your unique needs for tackling challenges

The 3Cs Process-Free Version
Take my 3Cs Process to tackle your biggest challenges in moving your business forward…and fast.


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Get The Most From The 3Cs
Learn essential ingredients for maximizing the 3Cs Process on your own as you face business-building challenges.
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Challenge Best Practices Every Month
Harness the power of insight from experts who’ve been there.


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3Cs Facilitation Training
Access the online course for everything you’ll need to facilitate the 3Cs Process on your own, so you can handle any challenge you face



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3Cs Facilitation Coaching

Accessible to 3Cs Synthesized Buyers Only - Limited Availability

As you facilitate the 3Cs process on your own, gain the valuable coaching and guidance from expert creator Pat Alacqua.

3Cs Facilitation Done For You
Limited Availability
Access the most comprehensive experience and gain the ultimate benefits of the 3Cs process as creator Pat Alacqua personally facilitates the program for you.


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Test Your Idea

Accessible to 3Cs Scoped Buyers Only - Limited Availability

Work directly with Pat Alacqua as he develops a comprehensive real-world Pilot Program for your new concept or offering, so you can confidently prove the viability of your idea.   

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Business Building Guidance

Limited Availability

As you face challenges on your enterprise-building journey, access coaching, support and invaluable insight from an expert who understands how to tackle them— and leads you on the path to success.

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